What to watch in October

Whew, september went by quickly... and again it's a new month with new shows and new premieres.
Here's some you should look out for

Switch (ITV) new witches show premiere (6 episodes)

 Monday, October 1 
Warehouse 13 (Syfy) season 4 fall finale

 Tuesday, October 2 
Hart of Dixie (CW) – season 2 premiere (22 episodes)
Raising Hope (Fox) returning comedy season 3

 Wednesday, October 3 
Supernatural (CW) returning season 8 (24 episodes)

Thursday, October 4 
30 Rock (NBC) returns (13 episodes)
Beauty and the Beast (Showcase) new drama premiere (13 episodes)
Red Dwarf X (Dave) – ‘new’ series (6 episodes)

 Saturday, October 6
Merlin (BBC/Syfy) – returning season 5 (13 episodes)

 Sunday, October 7 
Hell on Wheels (AMC) season 2 finale

 Monday, October 8
 Gossip Girl (CW) – season 6 premiere (11 episodes)

 Wednesday, October 10
Arrow (CW) new drama (13 episodes)
Chicago Fire (NBC) new drama (13 episodes)
Nashville (ABC) new drama

 Thursday, October 11 
Beauty and the Beast (CW) new drama premiere (13 episodes)
The Vampire Diaries (CW) season 4 premiere

 Friday, October 12 
Strike Back (Cinemax) season 1 finale

Sunday, October 14 
The Walking Dead (AMC) – returns with season 3 (16 episodes)

Monday, October 15 
Major Crimes (TNT) season 1 finale
XIII (Canal+) returning spy drama season 2

Tuesday, October 16 
Emily Owens. M. D. First Cut (CW) new drama premiere (13 episodes)

 Wednesday, October 17 
American Horror Story (FX) returns with season 2 (13 episodes)
Hunted (Cinemax) new agent series premiere
Suburgatory (ABC) returns with season 2

 Friday, October 19 
Community (NBC) season 4 premiere (13 episodes)
Nikita (CW) season 3 premiere(22 episodes)
Whitney (NBC) returns (13 episodes)

 Sunday, October 21 
Copper (BBCA) season 1 finale

 Monday, October 22 
Alphas (Syfy) season 2 finale

 Tuesday, October 23 
Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (ABC) returns with season 2
Happy Endings (ABC) returning comedy season 3 (22 episodes)

 Friday, October 26 
Touch (Fox) season 2 premiere (13 episodes)

mark your calendar for your favorite show.....


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