2012 brought us some amazing movies. Movies that broke records and set new ones. Some were funny, some couldn't even be rated. We saw crazy silver linings in a playbook, rose again with a dark knight, met an amazing spiderman, added hunger games to our vocabulary, fell in love with a teddy bear all over again and best of all bonded while watching the skyfall.

With these movies came some of the best songs in 2012. Below is my pick of the best 10 songs in a movie for the year 2012.

10)  Jon Bon Jovi - Not Running Anymore
From the movie - Stand up guys.

9) Mycheal Dynna - Pi's Lullaby
From the movie Life of Pi

8) J Ralph feat Scarlett Johansson - Before My Time
From the movie Chasing Ice.

7) Dolly Parton - From here to the moon and Back
From the movie Joyful Noise

6) Jessie J - Silver Lining (Crazy Bout you)
From the movie Silver Linings Playbook

5) Keith Urban - For you
From the movie Act of Valor

4) Taylor Swift ft the Civil wars - Safe and SOUND
From the movie The Hunger Games

3) Hugh Jackman - Suddenly
From the movie Les Miserables

2) Norah Jones - Everybody needs a best friend
From the movie TED

1) Adele - Skyfall
From the movie Skyfall


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