Paul Thomas Mitchell Leaves His mark, Plus Other Great Auditions on AGT

America's got talent came back for episode 2 of season 8 last night and brought with them some amazing talent to showcase for the world. Here are some of my personal favorites from that 2hr episode.

Paul Thomas Mitchell
After a hard upbringing with alcohol and drug-addicted parents and being abandoned by his mother the 20-year-old singer couldn't help but let his emotions boil over on the AGT stage. He put all the pain into his rendition of an original song called "My Life" causing the judges to feel his pain and heap praises on the young lad. 
Mel B succinctly summed up the entire audition by saying “I think you just touched not just us, but the whole of America.”
Watch Paul's amazing performance.. 

D'angelo and Amanda/ Ruby and Jonas

Every good show need a little bit of sibling rivalry and AGT played this one really nicely pitching D'angelo against his lil sister Ruby. Even though i lean slightly to D & A due to the humor in their performance, i must say that Ruby and Jonas are really awesome as well. Well, you decide... 

Megan Piphus 

In my humble opinion as always, i think she should drop the puppets and get that recording contract but then that's what makes this act all the special, beauty and the puppets (which shows that ventriloquism isn't a thing for pedophiles...) and that amazing range... you go on girl

Collins Key
UHHH Magic... 16 year old Collins Key performed a trick that still makes me wonder how it was done. Except the judges were in on it that was an impossible act really. But for a 16 year old that was a great performance. And you can tell it meant a lot to him to pull that off...

Jonathan Allen
You got to love a sad story, one of pain and rejection. Every show tries to use stories like Jonathan's to capture the hearts of the public and AGT did a great job of this. Take nothing away from Jonathan, he is an amazing singer, his story however makes it all the more appealing. I hope he goes far

Travis Pratt
LOVE, LOVE, Crazy Love.... i loved this audition for all the right reasons, his voice, his love story and of course the proposal. Howie asked if he was the one hitting those notes, and his brilliant reply.. "All day"
Travis is a jewel in my opinion and i'm rooting for him to succeed.

It's just the second episode and we are having so much already, looking forward to more exceptional talents.


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