Under the Dome - MUST WATCH

It is my usual custom to wait four episodes to give an opinion concerning a tv show. But sometimes, there is that show that is too good to ignore and has too much promise from the first few episodes.

Enter Under the Dome, CBS' new release and based on the Steven King novel. The citizens of Chester's Mill suddenly find themselves trapped by an invisible barrier, they must live ... "Under the Dome." (cue suspense music)

The invisible barrier stops anything that tries to make it beyond the city border. In addition to losing all contact with the outside world, the small town has lost electricity, telephone lines and they are at the mercy of each other. Strange things start to happen Under the Dome.

Imagine being trapped under a dome in your town. Imagine being unable to escape the people you hate, or not having the Internet, or having to share space with killers like Dale "Barbie" Barbara (Mike Vogel), who accidentally took the life of Peter Shemway (R. Keith Harris) in episode 1.
There's no way this isn't a recipe for disaster -- or more murder (I hope).

This one is a must watch, for those plotters and problem solvers. I'll love to see who can navigate a way out of the Dome. 

P.S. the scene where the done slits the cow in half, "priceless" 
Rating: 8.9/10


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