It's the last day of 2012 in history so i decided to highlight which albums i felt where my best albums of 2012. i know i might shock some of you with my selections but.. just but. so here goes, my top 10 albums of 2012.

12. AEROSMITH - Music from another dimension
for their first album since 2004, Tyler and his crew actually did a great job on this album. from LOVE XXX which Tyler absolutely nails to the end of the album, Aerosmith lived up to it's billing for being one of the greatest rock bands of out time.
Fav song - Love XXX

11. The Music of Nashville

If you've never watched the show, well you should and then listen to this album and then you may understand why it is such an amazing album. Infact, it is one of the best country album's i've heard in my lifetime.
Fav song - When the right one comes along

10. FUN - Some Nights

Without saying much, some nights was an incredible album. From songs like "we are young" to "carry on", the band fun established themselves with this amazing piece of art.
Fav song - We are young


Yea, i'm not a screaming girl fan but i got the album and i listened to it and it was in my opinion a job well done by the boys from Britain
Fav song - Little things

8.  BRUNO MARS - Unorthodox Jukebox

December 6th was the release date and i waited patiently to hear what Bruno had to offer on this album and i wasn't disappointed. An impeccable fusion of great pop and sexy lyrics meant this album is to me his best work and is utterly engaging. (ohh, treasure is an amazing song)
Fav songs - Locked up in heaven, When i was your man

7. FIONA APPLE - The Idler Wheel...

Fiona Fiona, where have you been? Fiona: i've been making an album everyone would be proud of. and that is exactly what she did. Some might argue that this should be the best album of the year because it was that good.
Fav song - Every single night

6. Kanye West and GOOD MUSIC: Cruel Summer

The whole good music crew did an absolutely amazing job on this album, big ups to them
Fav song - Clique

5. JUSTIN BIEBER - Believe

This was the year i believe i totally embraced the Bieber fever and it was largely due to this album. Bieber's unique tone and great lyrics made this album an engaging one. Awesome
Fav. song - Die in your arms

4. JOHN MAYER - Born and Raised

Being a huge Mayer fan, i expected much from this album and i must say he did not disappoint. His SLEEK music style and awesome lyrics made this album one of the most captivating in 2012.
Fav songs - Shadow Days, Queen of California, A face to call home, Love is a Verb

3. Kendrick LAMAR - Good Kid, M.A.A.D City

This was the best hip-hop album of the year 2012 by a mile, Kendrick was awesome in this one. He found a way to appeal to both mainstream and underground hiphop fans everywhere. Little wonder the success it has had.
Fav song - Poetic Justice

2. FRANK OCEAN - Channel Orange

For someone who isn't a huge Ocean fan to have channel orange as my second best album in 2012, that says a lot on how good this album was and still is. from "thinking about you" to every other song on the album, Ocean showed a unique side and took everyone one a journey to his channel. A journey a lot of people are still enjoying.
Fav song - Thinking about you


OMG, from the first time i listened to this song, i added Taylor into my list of singers i wanted to see live before i died. RED was an awesome work of art by a brilliant singer. Taylor continued her usual way of telling stories with her lyrics, but this time it was a tale of freedom and release instead of pain and anguish. Songs like State of Grace, to Begin Again, to 22, to Everything has changed ft Ed Sheeran and others made this album my pick for the best album of the year.
Fav songs- State of Grace, Begin again, 22, Red, Treacherous, I knew you were trouble, Everything has changed ft ed sheeran......

Do you agree or you have an album that should have been here? let me know.



Hello Guys, it's definitely been a while. Since we last spoke a couple of wonderful new shows have come up and while some are here to stay, others have already been cut off. Here is the first part of the new show i'll encourage you to watch or keep watching as the case may be.

No matter how you look at it, arrow is an excellent new show. Great script and great acting. One thing that stands out with arrow is the pace. It's not draggy but straight to the point and always keeping you guessing on what Oliver's plan is. Definitely one to keep watching

The idea of a 21st century sherlock Holmes seemed far-fetched at first but i must say elementary gets it right in every aspect. Jonny Lee Miller makes this show worth the while with his breath-taking performances.

Before i go on a rant again as to why they cancel some shows, i think i'm justified in saying cancelling this show is a colossal mistake. I've come up with different theories on why it was cancelled like the US govt doesn't want to be seen in that light or someone is so cash strapped they had to cut it. Either way it's still a great new show and one to finish.

If you can't stand country and don't appreciate good music like i do, this show might be a drag but any genre of music you prefer, you can't fault the drama and acting in this show. Everyone plays their role brilliantly and i can only see it getting better.

5. GO ON
I already highlighted the brilliance of this show earlier on in my blog. Look it up and see why you should watch it

If you like cheesy and more cheesy spread over fun and craziness, this is one you should be watching. oh the name also adds to the cheesy nature of the show


This one is a maybe but if you would take my advice, keep watching it. It starts of slow and terrible but it builds into something worth waiting and watching for.

If you haven't watched any of these, i advise you to start off with one. anyone at all (probably last resort or arrow) and tell me what you think.

until next time keep living in an atmosphere for creativity.


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