X- Factor Uk auditions so far...

JAMES ARTHUR!!!! I may have seen him only once in his audition but i can say that dude has amazing talent. His rendition of Tulisa's song was by far better than the original version, sang with such heart and meaning. I always thought that song should have been less high tempo and thats what he did for me.. Great Job James.. One of the Clear Favorite.....

ELLA HENDERSON!!!! Singer, songwriter, 16, and brilliant. four words that completely describe this amazingly raw talent. She sings her own song and must i say that it is such a beautiful song, she needs an album that i will gladly buy quickly...

JAHMENE DOUGLAS!!!! Brilliant singer, brilliant singer, brilliant singer, brilliant singer... Am i still typing?? wait i mean to say he is a brilliant singer... someone stop me... brilliant singer.. okay i need to watch his audition again...
KYE SONES!!! You don't take on any of my favorite songs on an audition, because then i can be critical of you. But he did a beautiful job in turning around RIP. Brilliant singer, and great audition.

Lucy Spraggan- excellent delivery.. beautiful song writing. Is she right for the competition?? Time will tell.. But she is amazing.


Why do they always cut the good ones?

Jane by Design, one of my favorite show of 2012 has been cut by ABCFamily. And i'm like really?? Why do these guys get us all into one show and then decide that they are cutting it off. Why?  these shows give us something to look forward to. And they take it away. Without even considering us?

I know it sounds like i'm ranting but permit me to show you what i mean. below is a list of wonderful shows that got cancelled

Missing - I know it wasn't the greatest of shows but it had a good story and people were into it. Just ending it without an explanation was not fair. It just needed a little work and it could have maybe been brilliant. But it didn't get the chance. Guess we'll never know the end of it.

The Firm - this was a very good show, and by very good i mean very well scripted. But then it gets cancelled. Another wrong move. In my humble opinion that show is better than a lot of shows that are on right now but then my opinion doesn't matter.

Ringer - A lot of people did not get this show but if you did, you will agree with me it had potential and Sarah Michelle Gellar, you dont hire her to do a show and then cancel it after it's first season. At least give us a perfect ending.

I can go on but i'll stop here. Someone should please tell these guys, i need Jane by design Back!!!!!


TV Show update

Quick info on the status of your favorite tv shows from now till the end of September. So mark down your calendar and get ready for a great fall.

Thursday, August 23
Anger Management (FX) season 1 finale
 Suits (USA) season 2 summer finale 

Sunday, August 26
Copper (Showcase CA) – New criminal drama premiere (10 episodes)
(Showtime) season 2 finale

 Newsroom (HBO) season 1 finale
True Blood (HBO) season 4 finale

Monday, August 27
Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC) season 5 summer finale  

Tuesday, August 28
Pretty Little Liars (ABC)  season 3 summer finale

Wednesday, August 29
Baby Daddy (ABC) season 1 finale
Melissa & Joey 
(ABC) season 2 finale

Necessary Roughness (USA) season 2 finale

FALL 2012
American Horror Story (FX) returns with season 2 (13 episodes)
Doctor Who (BBC) returning season 7 (5 fall + 1 christmas + 7 spring = 13 episodes)
Merlin (BBC/Syfy) – returning season 5 (13 episodes)
 (USA) returns with season 7 (16 episodes)
True Detective (HBO) new show (8 episodes) probably 2013, date tbd
Wizards vs Aliens (CBBC) – new show (12 episodes)

World Without End (Showcase) new showe (8 episodes)

Red Dwarf X (Dave) – ‘new’ series (6 episodes) – finishes filming in February 2012

Monday, September 3
Switched at Birth (ABC) season 1 fall premiere (10 episodes)

Wednesday, September 5
Futurama (Comedy Central) season 7 first summer finale

Thursday, September 6
Rookie Blue (ABC) season 3 finale

Tuesday, September 11
Parenthood (NBC) returning comedy season 4 (15 episodes)
The New Normal
 (NBC) new comedy (13 episodes)

Sons of Anarchy (FX) – returning season 5 (13 episodes)

Wednesday, September 12
Guys with Kids (NBC) new comedy (13 episodes) 

Thursday, September 13
Glee (Fox) returning season 4 premiere
Sullivan & Son (TBS) season 1 finale

Friday, September 14
Touch (Fox) unaired episode 13

Sunday, September 16
Boardwalk Empire (HBO) season 3 premiere (12 episodes)
Leverage (TNT) season 5 summer finale

Monday, September 17
Bones (Fox) returns with season 8 (24 episodes)
Perception (TNT) season 1 finale
Revolution (NBC) new show (13 episodes)
The Mob Doctor (Fox) new drama (13 episodes)

Tuesday, September 18
White Collar (USA) season 4 summer finale

Wednesday, September 19
Royal Pains (USA) season 4 summer finale

Thursday, September 20
Parks & Recreation (NBC) returning drama season 5 (22 episodes)
Up All Night 
 (NBC) returning comedy season 2 (13 episodes)

Friday, September 21
Haven (Syfy) returns with season 3 (13 episodes)

Sunday, Spetember 23
Treme (HBO) season 3 premiere (10 episodes)

Monday, September 24
2 Broke Girls (CBS) comedy, season 2 premiere
Castle (ABC) drama season 5 premiere
Hawaii Five-O (CBS) drama, season 3 premiere (24 episodes)
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) comedy, season 8 premiere
Mike & Molly (CBS) commedy, season 2 premiere
Partners (CBS) new comedy premiere (13 episodes)

Tuesday, September 25
Ben & Kate (Fox) new show (13 episodes)
Brickleberry (Comedy Central) new comedy (10 episodes)
NCIS (CBS) season 10 premiere
NCIS LA (CBS) season 4 premiere
New Girl
 (Fox) returning comedy season 2

Private Practice (ABC) drama season 6 premiere (13 episodes)
The Mindy Project It’s Messy (Fox) new comedy (13 episodes)
Vegas (CBS) new drama premiere (13 episodes)

Wednesday, September 26
Criminal Minds (CBS) season 8 premiere
Modern Family 
(ABC) returning comedy season 4
The Middle
 (ABC) returning comedy season 4

The Neighbors  (ABC) new comedy (13 episodes)

Thursday, September 27
Elementary (CBS) new drama (13 episodes)
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) returning drama season 9
 (ABC) returning drama season 2 
Last Resort
(ABC) new drama (13 episodes)
Person of Interest (CBS) returning season 2

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – returning season 6 (renewed 7)
Two and a Half Men (CBS) returns with season 10

Friday, September 28
Blue Bloods (CBS) returning season 3
 (Fox) final season 5 premiere (13 episodes)
Made in Jersey
 (CBS) new drama (13 episodes)

Sunday, September 30
666 Park Ave (ABC) new drama (13 episodes)
 (Showtime) returning season 7 (12 episodes)

Homeland (Showtime) returning season 2 (12 episodes)
Once Upon A Time (ABC) returns with season 2
Revenge (ABC) returns with season 2 (22 episodes)
The Good Wife (CBS) returning season 4
The Mentalist (CBS) returning season 5


Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale

Okay I think i waited long enough for everyone to watch the Season 2 finale of Teen-wolf. The climax of what i consider is one of the most interesting and mind blowing season's of any Tv show i have ever watched.

First of all if you followed Season 2, you will agree with me that Master Plan was the best way to have ended the season. It was terrific. The characters were each at their climax, everyone of them- even Stiles. We saw the other side of Stiles, the one who could put himself and his well being before even his best friend. The one who could get angry (even if he apologized immediately after), and also we were reminded that Stiles was the only normal "human" character (pls dont call Allison)...

Allison had the best part of the finale in my opinion. She was the unpredictable one. Amazingly she almost kills Scott, and she shows she is a ruthless killer when she deals with Isaac. Her Dad, turns against his father and accepts Scott, damn it was amazing.

Scott, Jackson, and Derrick were the highlights of the finale. For Scott to be one step ahead of everybody at all times shows he is more brilliant than he lets on. Jackson is a were-wolf now. I could never have guessed that, even if i dreamt it...

I can go on and on about this finale but ill stop here. I cant wait for Season 3. I really want to see what happens with the pack of Alpha's.

If you don't watch Teen-wolf I really think you should. It is awesome.


Laura Izibor

Beautiful, talented, amazing soul singer Laura Izibor is one of my favorite musician's ever. Mainly because, she actually makes music, not commercial one hit wonders, but beautiful pieces of music that can only be classified as world class.

Dubbed the soul of Ireland, this singer with nigerian origins has an amazing vocal command and is also a great pianist. Her EP titled, "the brooklyn sessions" dropped on August 7th and it is a great work.

She is really awesome..

This is one of the songs off the EP. It's called Gracefully...



Ryan O'Shaughnessy

Okay, first thing you should know about me, i have a weird taste in music. I listen to everything i find, but i really like people who have a story and can capture that story in beautiful lyrics.

Introducing singer-songwriter Ryan O'Shaughnessy. From his audition on Britain's got talent 2012, he showed that he could write a beautiful piece of music, and he showed it again in the semi's.

His song No name is my bedtime favorite, and also is a song i can relate to because there is always this friend you like and cannot say anything about... His six song mini album is due out today and i already listened to it, its an amazing blend of great music.

Well u listen and tell me what you think


Anger Management...

Don't be scared, i'm not going to lecture you on your anger and how to manage it. That's why there are psychologists. If you are willing to pay me however, i can be your best advisor ever.

To matter arising, Charlie Sheen is BACK!!! You know, hilarious, crazy, angry Charlie on two and a half men, well he is back on air

No he is not with two and a half men, even though i think that show still needs him... he is on a new show Anger Management.

Charlie plays an anger therapist who was a former baseball player but ended his career by breaking his knee with a baseball bat due to his anger. He now tries to help people with anger management issues to gain freedom from anger.. (i dont know how many times i'll use the word ANGER in the article, pls count when you are done reading)

While there is no stupid Alan on this show to compliment Charlie, i must say this show is hilarious in its own. Everybody plays thier part brilliantly, from his ex-wife who can't make a decision for herself to his best friend and sex buddy and even his daughter who has OCD.

All in all, it is a well spent 25 mins of your day. Charlie is brilliant and fun

Don't take my word for it however, Take your
laptop or tv and watch the show.

Sneak Peek...



So, there is a new tv-show in my life, and a brilliant (literally) one at that. Please welcome TNT's Perception.

Dr Daniel Pierce, crazy but talented neuro-scientist is enlisted by his former student Kate Moretti to help some of FBI's high profile cases. When i say crazy, you need to watch the show to understand.

I must applaud the scripting of this show(which is the major thing i consider in every show), it is well done with great story lines and amazing acting by the cast.

People might say it is a rip off from past shows, i say it is more intellectual than most others i have watched.

Well don't just take my word for it, watch a few episodes and leave some feedback let's discuss

Here's a sneak peak.....



Elle Varner
James Anderson

Enter Elle Varner, beautiful singer-songwriter who is slowly but assuredly capturing the world with her amazing vocals. Her song Refill is my favorite. I thought she did a brilliant job vocally and lyrically, it is the kind of song that sticks with you(that's if you actually listen to the lyrics)

And then there was 13 year old James Anderson, from the first time i saw him with his former group new bounce on BGT, i knew he was an amazing talent. A Year on and he is growing into an even more amazing vocalist. He decides to do a cover of Elle's Refill...

I'll leave u to judge.....


True Confession

Hi guys,

My name is Francis and i'm an addict. I can't say when it all started but i've been an addict as long as i can remember.

Sometimes it is the best thing in the world. It allows me create and live in a world where i am comfortable in my own person rather than the stress of others.

Other times, it can be very lonely and it makes me think too much. 

I actually like being an addict, i learn a lot being in that world. I learn from many characters and sometimes even become the character,  i see the world from people's eyes and learn some important truths from their words.

I get lost in some people's minds and try to think as they do. It's mind-blowing what you can learn from being an addict. I don't think i'm ever going to stop being one.

So sorry guys if this ought to be an intervention, but i'm not interested in anybody trying to save me. (except you are Clark kent). I don't wanna be anything other than me. And ME likes to be be an addict

Oh sorry, i didn't say what i'm addicted to....

Music and TV-Shows.............


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