Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale

Okay I think i waited long enough for everyone to watch the Season 2 finale of Teen-wolf. The climax of what i consider is one of the most interesting and mind blowing season's of any Tv show i have ever watched.

First of all if you followed Season 2, you will agree with me that Master Plan was the best way to have ended the season. It was terrific. The characters were each at their climax, everyone of them- even Stiles. We saw the other side of Stiles, the one who could put himself and his well being before even his best friend. The one who could get angry (even if he apologized immediately after), and also we were reminded that Stiles was the only normal "human" character (pls dont call Allison)...

Allison had the best part of the finale in my opinion. She was the unpredictable one. Amazingly she almost kills Scott, and she shows she is a ruthless killer when she deals with Isaac. Her Dad, turns against his father and accepts Scott, damn it was amazing.

Scott, Jackson, and Derrick were the highlights of the finale. For Scott to be one step ahead of everybody at all times shows he is more brilliant than he lets on. Jackson is a were-wolf now. I could never have guessed that, even if i dreamt it...

I can go on and on about this finale but ill stop here. I cant wait for Season 3. I really want to see what happens with the pack of Alpha's.

If you don't watch Teen-wolf I really think you should. It is awesome.


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