Orange is the New Black

For years, creating a tv show that is entirely based on life in prison has not seem to take with producers. It might be that they considered it the holy grail, or that the audience would not understand it. Well thankfully, Netflix took a chance with this tv show and i have to applaud them for that.

Orange is the new black is brought to us by Weeds creator Jenji Kohan and delivers on the motifs attendant to the ironic offender tale, but with considerably more depth and nuance this time around. Based on the memoir Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison by Piper Kerman, the series' lead protagonist is Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a staple in the Park Slope artisanal bath products business who lives with her minimally exceptional fiancé Larry Bloom (an earnestly repellent Jason Biggs). The orange in this case refers to the standard-issue prison jumpsuit that one new New York woman must hop into after she's hauled in for a crime she committed 10 years ago, back when she was a wild-child, post-college lesbian.

Despite taking place in a scary prison, Orange is the New Black has tons of heart and humor, which it uses as its backbone to set up drama both light and heavy. You'll care about these characters instantly and accept their strengths and weaknesses. Even though it's written from a female point of view, it shouldn't be a problem for men to enjoy (and not just because of boobiez). It's dramedy in every sense of that made-up word; There are serious stakes but it's funny enough that it won't get you totally down.  

Should you watch it? 
Definitely... I personally can't wait for season 2.. Its awesome.


Under the Dome - MUST WATCH

It is my usual custom to wait four episodes to give an opinion concerning a tv show. But sometimes, there is that show that is too good to ignore and has too much promise from the first few episodes.

Enter Under the Dome, CBS' new release and based on the Steven King novel. The citizens of Chester's Mill suddenly find themselves trapped by an invisible barrier, they must live ... "Under the Dome." (cue suspense music)

The invisible barrier stops anything that tries to make it beyond the city border. In addition to losing all contact with the outside world, the small town has lost electricity, telephone lines and they are at the mercy of each other. Strange things start to happen Under the Dome.

Imagine being trapped under a dome in your town. Imagine being unable to escape the people you hate, or not having the Internet, or having to share space with killers like Dale "Barbie" Barbara (Mike Vogel), who accidentally took the life of Peter Shemway (R. Keith Harris) in episode 1.
There's no way this isn't a recipe for disaster -- or more murder (I hope).

This one is a must watch, for those plotters and problem solvers. I'll love to see who can navigate a way out of the Dome. 

P.S. the scene where the done slits the cow in half, "priceless" 
Rating: 8.9/10


Perception is back.

The nutty professor Dr Daniel Pierce, returned for a second season in the sun and is still as crazy as his first season. Although the season kicks of with Daniel seemingly in control and in Love with his ex Therapist, some strange sides effects force him out of his meds and the hallucination starts all over again. How will he cope this time? Will he have another break down? I'm intrigued to watch him and his attempts to solve cases with his crazy mind.

Elsewhere we are introduced to Scott, Kate's soon to be ex husband. It is obvious he transferred to be closer to kate and try to win her back. My issue is that i still feel Kate is in love with the nutty professor. Lets see if i am right.

This is a good series to watch, If you are cool enough to embrace the crazy


Twisted - 4 Episode Test

ABC family knows how to bring the drama and after 4 episodes, Twisted stands out as the best new thing coming out of ABC. This tv series has everything, drama, shocking truths, and just the right amount of suspense to keep you guessing and impatiently waiting for the next episode to come around.

Danny Dessai is a sixteen year old kid who returns to his hometown after serving time in juvy for killing his aunt when he was 11. He is just settling when another murder occurs in the city and everyone thinks he did it. The question is did he or did he not?

I personally think he didn't do it, maybe because i feel sorry for him, and even though everything points to him doing it, i still think this show has many questions to answer.

I really recommend this show cos i think it has a great future and the writing is exceptional.

Watch and tell me what you think
Rating -- 8/10


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