Twisted - 4 Episode Test

ABC family knows how to bring the drama and after 4 episodes, Twisted stands out as the best new thing coming out of ABC. This tv series has everything, drama, shocking truths, and just the right amount of suspense to keep you guessing and impatiently waiting for the next episode to come around.

Danny Dessai is a sixteen year old kid who returns to his hometown after serving time in juvy for killing his aunt when he was 11. He is just settling when another murder occurs in the city and everyone thinks he did it. The question is did he or did he not?

I personally think he didn't do it, maybe because i feel sorry for him, and even though everything points to him doing it, i still think this show has many questions to answer.

I really recommend this show cos i think it has a great future and the writing is exceptional.

Watch and tell me what you think
Rating -- 8/10


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