Anger Management...

Don't be scared, i'm not going to lecture you on your anger and how to manage it. That's why there are psychologists. If you are willing to pay me however, i can be your best advisor ever.

To matter arising, Charlie Sheen is BACK!!! You know, hilarious, crazy, angry Charlie on two and a half men, well he is back on air

No he is not with two and a half men, even though i think that show still needs him... he is on a new show Anger Management.

Charlie plays an anger therapist who was a former baseball player but ended his career by breaking his knee with a baseball bat due to his anger. He now tries to help people with anger management issues to gain freedom from anger.. (i dont know how many times i'll use the word ANGER in the article, pls count when you are done reading)

While there is no stupid Alan on this show to compliment Charlie, i must say this show is hilarious in its own. Everybody plays thier part brilliantly, from his ex-wife who can't make a decision for herself to his best friend and sex buddy and even his daughter who has OCD.

All in all, it is a well spent 25 mins of your day. Charlie is brilliant and fun

Don't take my word for it however, Take your
laptop or tv and watch the show.

Sneak Peek...


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