Why do they always cut the good ones?

Jane by Design, one of my favorite show of 2012 has been cut by ABCFamily. And i'm like really?? Why do these guys get us all into one show and then decide that they are cutting it off. Why?  these shows give us something to look forward to. And they take it away. Without even considering us?

I know it sounds like i'm ranting but permit me to show you what i mean. below is a list of wonderful shows that got cancelled

Missing - I know it wasn't the greatest of shows but it had a good story and people were into it. Just ending it without an explanation was not fair. It just needed a little work and it could have maybe been brilliant. But it didn't get the chance. Guess we'll never know the end of it.

The Firm - this was a very good show, and by very good i mean very well scripted. But then it gets cancelled. Another wrong move. In my humble opinion that show is better than a lot of shows that are on right now but then my opinion doesn't matter.

Ringer - A lot of people did not get this show but if you did, you will agree with me it had potential and Sarah Michelle Gellar, you dont hire her to do a show and then cancel it after it's first season. At least give us a perfect ending.

I can go on but i'll stop here. Someone should please tell these guys, i need Jane by design Back!!!!!


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