The X-Factor USA Returns- Drama at its best

Yea, Simon Cowell is back on air, with his host of judges for a new season of the X-Factor USA. And with Britney Spears on the judges panel expect ratings to sky rocket. Okay down to the premiere, obviously mind blowing as expected. Cowell has been in this game long enough to know what to do and how to have an outstanding first show on air. This one was full of drama and serious talent as well as the fully-untalented...
Britney is an awesome judge i must say. I think she would own this season. Watch out Christina, you just got X'ed.

I think the edge the X factor has is encapsulating the stories of the contestants (like Jillian)
So expect more drama in this season

The Talent
Paige held her own on stage LA. Reid compared her to Ri-Ri

Paige Thomas - Great looking, beautiful and an amazing voice... will definitely go far

Emblem 3 - In one word - Awesome. Did an original song and completely nailed it.

Watch OUT  for these guys...

Jennel Garcia - She is a feisty one. And she has a great voice. One of the many you will want to watch out for...
four yeses for this amazing teen...

Jillian Jensen - that was the moment of the premiere, the bullied teenager just scored a victory, not just for her but for all those who have been bullied and she showed that everyone is a star, in their own way.
Her moment with Demi was magical and i have never heard so much pain in any voice. she is amazing

The Un-Talented

SHAWN ARMENTA- candy girl?? really?? was this guy serious at all??  And he attacked Demi for Auto-tuning her voice. FAIL!!!

Kaci Newton - Bitchy and really annoying and very untalented, and as Simon said, she sounded like she was dying...

Don Phillips - awesomely weird, he did a duet with Britney?? and she said no?? he deserved a no though...  And then he cries that he let her down. It was touching.. in a weird way.

Mmmm... I don't know
Quatro Deanne - i will reserve my comments on this one though. But he went through because the judges embraced the madness.

I think this season would be amazing so keep your wednesday nights open... 


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