X Factor Season 2 - Premiere Day 2

Here we go again.. Day 2 of the X factor 2012. And we take a look at who rocked it and who sucked it (no offence)....

The Talent
Johnny Maxwell -
singing an original is always a risk when you have Simon on the judges panel. this dude really rocked it though. A great job for a 16 year old.

Jason Brock - Oh My Gosh.. i admit i thought this dude wouldn't have any talent with all his rambling... but he was amazing... that was awesome. Like LA Reid said, his voice is any song writer's dream..

Carly Rose Sonenclare - Wow.... Wow...WOW..WOW!!!! Words cant describe this talent.... no words i can think of

The Untalented
Lexa Berman - whew... that was annoying.. and Simon LIKED HER?? what was he thinking??

Patrick Ford - One of the most annoying auditions i've ever watched. Super obsessed with britney and was so awkward.. Hmmm.. Four NO'S. Deservedly

What a week for the X Factor. The beginning of something great i hope



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