Did Switched At Birth make a grand return to TV??

It was one of the most anticipated returns of the year as the ever enthralling tale of two switched families prepared to wow us again after a rather brilliant finale. Did it accomplish its mission and make people like to watch more? Here's a look at some of the top moments of the last episode.

Hello BAD BAY!!
Heart broken Bay returned trying to put Emmet behind her with a new look and best of all with a new boyfriend (even though that lasted for about 20 mins). I thought they should have showed us more of Bad Bay instead of returning her to her normal self before the end of the first episode

Yes she is proving to be one hell of a stubborn lady and trying to survive on her own terms. Admirable yes, but she is still a child and is still invalid and the shows does well to promote that part of her. If they will smash the rest of the season they shouldn't forget to keep her struggle in the spotlight

Well so they say, it's all too cute though. The letter with the directions, the painting's on the wall, the promise to wait until he can make it right, the fact is HE IS SORRY!! Will Bay forgive him though?? I will love to see that because obviously, she is still madly in love with him ..

Yea she said they were done but we all know better. Her boyfriend doesn't believe in marriage and she clearly still loves her ex-husband but she was really self-less(or not) by marrying Angelo so he can have a chance with his kids, if that was her only reason time will tell

Overall, there are still questions left unanswered and though it wasn't as grand a return as was expected. It still leaves a lot to look forward to as the season progress

I'll score it a 7.5/10.. let me hear what you think


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